Episode #3 with Mark Deklin. Film and TV star


On Broadwayworld.com

An educational video interview show debuting on broadwayworld.com in January 2021

All the things I wish I had known about transitioning from school into the real world before I stepped out of my “korner”.

Joining me on Zoom will be directors, teachers, real estate agents, tax consultants, lawyers, actors, and more professionals who will discuss Changes and Challenges in the business.  Everyone will give their Tips and talk candidly about Trends in preparing for the entertainment world.

It's also a way to plug some of my favorite teachers, classes, and business referrals!graph here.

Episode #2 with Sue Gilad and Larry Rogowsky. Broadway producers of Jagged Little Pill, Moulin Rouge and more! 

Episode #1 with VP Boyle.  Director, Writer, Broadway Coach

Episode #4 with Joe Barros. NY Director, Choreographer and Artistic Director 

Episode #4 with Anne Adamowsky.  Tax preparer for actors with Trudy Durante's office!