"I am so glad I had Kristin Huffman come teach her Master Class on MusicalTheater Auditions. It was by far one of the most comprehensive classes we've ever had at the Bushnell. Kristin covered everything from
presentation techniques to headshots. She was realistic and honest and
entertaining. The students loved Kristin's class and I will definitely be
asking her to come back."

Joanne Scattergood
Artistic Director, Ensign-Darling Vocal Fellowship

I first saw Kristin at a Master Class she gave for NATS and I immediately determined I had to have her come give her class to my students at the University of Bridgeport.  When she did it was a huge success.  Kristin's amazing energy and charm engaged the students at once, and the information she gave them was invaluable.  Whether she's giving out pragmatic advice for how to market yourself, or artistic advice on how to choose and perform your song, she makes serious business fun. Our students learned a lot and all left feeling great about themselves.  I couldn't have asked for more.

Emilie Roberts Hannon
Adjunct Professor of Music
University of Bridgeport

Bridgeport students had the opportunity to work with producer Mark Holleran (Holleranmedia.com) to make a spot for After School at The Klein - made possible by ASK's partnership with Kristin's New Paradigm Theatre.

"I am currently the Vice-President of the New Paradigm Theatre Youth Board. It is one of the best things that ever happened to me. It's such a great chance to reach out and help organizations that do want to see a change in the world. (United Way, Humanity Now, At Home in Greenwich, The Girl's Home- it's an orphanage in Nicaragua that has 25 people and wants to help save more girls from abusive homes, etc) With the NPT Youth Board, I run the blog, BREAKALEG and for the events, I am a singing waiter (in which I sing a short bit of a song and either ask for donations for the nonprofit we are helping or help sell raffle tickets).

At the Girl's Home event, everything I did made me remember why I do what I do. There was a little girl with down syndrome and it was her birthday. I asked her what song I should sing, and she said "Singin' in the Rain", as it was her favorite. I sang it and she hugged me and said "thank you". At the end of the show, there was a sing along version of "Singin' in the Rain" and the look on her face made me remember that theatre is not about being a character. It's about changing someone's life.

At the At Home in Greenwich event, where I was a singing waiter, someone asked if I can do a love song. I sang a verse of "Embraceable You" and she began to cry. She then told me that her husband sang that to her on their first date. She didn't ask for me to sing it, but somehow I knew I had to do that particular song. That's another lesson I learned: Theatre helps people remember the good times in bad situations." -Nathan Clift

Judging International Competitions

" I wanted to thank you for the wonderful helpful comments we received on our chorus pieces at Six Flags New England's Music in the Parks. I did a bit of research on you and presented it in class which thrilled my students. Your experience and expertise made it "click" with my chorus.

I am a clarinetist and not a trained vocalist or vocal teacher, so I was thrilled to see the things I am doing well and the things I need to improve.Your comments were extremely helpful and encouraging for all of us!"

Thank you again,
Marilyn Russo

Music Teacher - Matthew J. Kuss Middle School

"First let me say how thoroughly amazing Kristin was at the NATS Master Class today. She was vibrant, inspiring, succinct and really gave each singer exactly what they needed to help improve their audition skills. Brava!!!"

        -Roy Mazzacane, Voice Faculty-Western CT State University

"On behalf of the CT chapter of NATS,  thank you for the wonderful master class!  I've had nothing but positive feedback from teachers and students alike.  Your vibrant energy was engaging and you offered real and useful tips for preparing audition repertoire. You have a special gift for interacting with college age singers: reassuring and entertaining while not ignoring issues that need to be addressed.  I hope you'll come again."

           -Sincerely yours, Laura Mashburn president,  CT NATS


My methodology for teaching vocal technique is a combination of "Mix" and   "Bel Canto".  It's the most beautiful and the safest way to sing. 

We can also focus on site-reading, playing piano as appropriate to a vocalist, and audition skills that are so crucial. This is my speciality. 

My older students and very advanced younger students seeking a professional career in music and theatre, also get  heavy dose of "The business of theatre". 

I am always happy to connect my students to my roster of professionals including agents, casting directors, classes with directors, and a variety of other networking opportunities that are crucial to a career in this business.